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Question 1: The uprisings were aimed at returning James VII of Scotland and II of England, and later his descendants of the House of Stuart, to the throne after he was deposed by Parliament during the ________.
Magna CartaNine Years' WarMonarchGlorious Revolution

Question 2: After a brief peace, the outbreak of the ________ in 1701 renewed French support for the Jacobites.
War of the Spanish SuccessionBattle of BlenheimCapture of GibraltarBattle of Ramillies

Question 3: With France at peace with Britain and enjoying a rapprochment due to the Anglo-French Alliance, the Jacobites found a new ally in Spain's Minister to the King, Cardinal ________.
Giulio AlberoniItalySicilyElisabeth Farnese

Question 4: By Christmas the Jacobites came to Glasgow and forced the city to re-provision their army, then on 3 January left to seize the town of ________ and begin an ineffectual siege of Stirling Castle.

Question 5: Starting around 6 October, a rising in the north of England grew to about 300 horsemen under Thomas Forster, a ________ squire.
ShropshireCornwallCounty DurhamNorthumberland

Question 6: In The Master of Ballantrae by ________, a family decides that their two sons will take opposing sides in the 'Forty Five rebellion to preserve the estates whoever wins.
Treasure IslandKidnapped (novel)The Silverado SquattersRobert Louis Stevenson

Question 7: After the ________ succeeded to the British throne in 1714, the risings continued, and intensified.
House of EsteHohenzollern-SigmaringenHouse of WettinHouse of Hanover

Question 8: Mar, nicknamed Bobbin' John, rushed from London to ________.

Question 9: The Commonwealth ended with the Restoration of Charles II, re-establishment of the ________ and imposition of Episcopalian church government.
Bishop of LincolnChurch of EnglandArchbishop of YorkArchbishop of Canterbury

Question 10: He briefly set up court at ________, visited his troops in Perth and ordered the burning of villages to hinder the advance of the Duke of Argyll through deep snow.
Perth, ScotlandScotlandEvantonScone, Scotland


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