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Jack Hawksmoor: Quiz


Question 1: He is named after ________ and the baroque architect Nicholas Hawksmoor.
LondonSpring Heeled JackBatterseaEngland

Question 2: Jack does not need to eat, as he can convert ________ into nourishment.
SmogRoadway air dispersion modelingAir pollutionParticulate

Question 3: Some of his powers (superhuman agility and the apparent ability to stick to walls) are based on the classic urban superhero ________.
The New Avengers (comics)Spider-ManStan LeeSpider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

Question 4: He can also transport between cities, originally inside a ________-like construct, though this may have changed.
OvaryVulvaReproductive systemUterus

Question 5: Secret History of the Authority: Jack Hawksmoor #2 and #3, ________
Marvel ComicsComics BulletinEagle Award (comics)Comic Book Resources

Question 6: He first appears in Stormwatch #37 and was created by ________.
Warren Ellis bibliographyThe AuthorityRed (comics)Warren Ellis

Question 7: Jack Hawksmoor is a fictional character, a superhero and member of ________ in the Wildstorm Universe.
The AuthorityWildC.A.T.s/AliensStormwatch (comics)Warren Ellis bibliography

Question 8: His clothing and haircut are similar to that of Johnny Bates from ________.
Alan MooreAlan Moore bibliographyV for VendettaMarvelman

Question 9: He caught the attention of Stormwatch's Henry Bendix, who offered him a place in Stormwatch Black, the covert operations team of Stormwatch, alongside ________ and Swift.
Doctor (Wildstorm)Jenny SparksThe AuthorityBattalion (Wildstorm)

Question 10: (________: The Secret History of The Authority #3)
Jenny SparksBattalion (Wildstorm)Doctor (Wildstorm)Stormwatch (comics)

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