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Jack's Big Music Show: Quiz


Question 1: Hannert says that the music is influenced by ________ and the whole history of rock and roll.
St. Louis to LiverpoolHail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll (album)Chuck BerryThe Great Twenty-Eight

Question 2: Jack's Big Music Show is a children's ________ currently airing on the Nick Jr. television network.
Lost (TV series)Reality televisionTelevision programSoap opera

Question 3: Jack's Big Music Show at the ________
Box Office MojoCDNOWInternet Movie

Question 4: Rebekah Jordan
Justin Roberts
Lisa LoebCake and PieHello LisaStay (I Missed You)

Question 5: Each episode runs without ________ for a duration of approximately 22 minutes.
Product placementFinlandTelevision advertisementUnited Kingdom

Question 6: Each episode also features two ________ by children's musical artists, except "Super Swell Sing-a-Long" where there was only one video.
The Ed Sullivan ShowVH1Music videoMTV

Question 7: Steve Burns and Steven Drozd
The Colbert ReportJon StewartStephen ColbertThe Daily Show

Question 8: The main characters are Jack, his best friend Mary, and his drum-playing dog Mel, all of whom are ________.
PuppetHand puppetMarionettePuppetry

Question 9: In one episode, Chicago blues legend and guitarist ________ appears as the "King of Swing," Jack's favorite musician.
Buddy GuyMuddy WatersJimi HendrixEric Clapton

Question 10: Cathy Richardson
Laurie Berkner
The Dirty Sock Funtime Band
Day By Day (Yolanda Adams album)Mountain High... Valley LowYolanda Adams discographyYolanda Adams


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