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Jacen Solo: Quiz


Question 1: Enraged at this ________, Caedus orders the fleet to ignore Niathal's orders and bombard the major cities.

Question 2: With Ben at his side, he begins rounding up Corellians for internment and ________.
Population transferUnited StatesEthnic cleansingDeportation

Question 3:
Which of the following fields did Jacen Solo pursue?
Admission of new Members to the UN: Jamaica
African American pioneers, motorsports
The Simpsons characters

Question 4: Jaina, accompanied by several ________ commandos, confronts Caedus, who quickly dispatches the Mandalorians, while Jaina acts as a sniper.
Count DookuBoba FettMandalorianUlic Qel-Droma

Question 5:
Which of the following is Jacen Solo affiliated with?

Question 6: Jacen, along with ________, helps Luke conquer some of his fears about Mara's involvement with the death of his mother, and then accompanies him to face Plo.
Obi-Wan KenobiC-3POPrincess Leia OrganaR2-D2

Question 7: In Traitor, Jacen awakes to find himself in the Embrace of Pain, a rack-like ________ device favored by the Yuuzhan Vong.
Capital punishmentHuman rightsTortureSlavery

Question 8: In ________, Jaina attempts to help Kessel and capture Czetheros while Jacen rushes to help Anja with her spice addiction and help her with Black Sun.
Princess Leia OrganaLuke SkywalkerYoung Jedi KnightsChewbacca

Question 9: They return to ________; however, after Jacen departs, Lumiya says that she had won.
NabooCoruscantStar Wars galaxyTatooine

Question 10: He tells his brother Anakin that the Force is a guide to find one's place in ________.

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