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Question 1: Jabberwocky (1977) is a comic medieval film directed by ________.
Monty Python and the Holy GrailTerry GilliamThe Crimson Permanent AssuranceMonty Python

Question 2: ________ as Squire (Ethel)
Steptoe and SonGalton and SimpsonHarry H. CorbettWilfrid Brambell

Question 3: The name is taken from the nonsense poem ________ by Lewis Carroll.
Alice LiddellJabberwockyThrough the Looking-GlassVorpal sword

Question 4: The film, Gilliam's first as a solo director was not well received by critics or audiences; it became something of a ________.
Midnight movieCult filmTwin PeaksB movie

Question 5: Dennis discovers that the ________ and merchants control business and that outsiders are struggling to survive.
Trade unionCapitalismGuildFree market

Question 6: In design the monster generally resembles a ________.
BasiliskUnicornSerpent (symbolism)Cockatrice

Question 7: It stars ________ as a young cooper who is forced through clumsy, often slapstick misfortunes to hunt a terrible dragon after the death of his father.
Monty PythonTerry JonesMichael PalinJohn Cleese

Question 8: The film is close in setting and comic style to ________, on which Gilliam had worked.
John CleeseEric IdleTerry GilliamMonty Python and the Holy Grail

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