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JSON: Quiz


Question 1: The JSON format is often used for ________ and transmitting structured data over a network connection.
SerializationPerlJava (programming language)Object-oriented programming

Question 2:
Which of the following genres does JSON produce?
Rock, Alternative
indie rock, indie pop, post-punk, detroit, power-pop, surf
business news, analysis
Data interchange

Question 3: Number (integer, real, or ________)
Arbitrary-precision arithmeticFloating pointFixed-point arithmeticPrimitive data type

Question 4: The following JavaScript code shows how the client can use an ________ to request an object in JSON format from the server.
XMLHttpRequestInternet ExplorerInternet Explorer 8Cascading Style Sheets

Question 5: It is a text-based, human-readable format for representing simple data structures and ________ (called objects).
List (computing)Union (computer science)Set (computer science)Associative array

Question 6: The JSON standard does not support object references, but the ________ illustrates how conventions can be adopted to support such references using standard JSON.
Yahoo! UI LibraryGoogle Web ToolkitDojo ToolkitMooTools

Question 7: [2] ________ started offering JSON feeds for its GData web protocol in December 2006.
Android (operating system)GoogleGoogle VariationsGoogle Latitude

Question 8: It was to be included in the Fourth Edition of the ECMAScript standard,[7] though it is available now as a JavaScript library at and will be in the Fifth Edition of ________.
Office Open XMLECMAScriptANSI escape codeC Sharp (programming language)

Question 9: ________+[8]
Mozilla Firefox 2SeaMonkeyMozilla Firefox 3.5Mozilla Firefox 3.6

Question 10: Code for ________ and generating JSON data is readily available for a large variety of programming languages.
Compiler-compilerCompilerParsingBottom-up parsing

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