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JP-7: Quiz


Question 1: During high Mach flight, the fuel is also a ________ for the various aircraft and engine accessories which would otherwise overheat at the high temperatures encountered.
Passive fire protectionFire testComputer coolingHeat sink

Question 2: It is the fuel used in the Pratt & Whitney J58 engines, used in the Lockheed ________.
Lockheed VenturaSR-71 BlackbirdP-2 NeptuneLockheed XB-30

Question 3: Other items are also significant, such as the amount of ________ impurities tolerated.

Question 4: The fuel is not only the source of energy but is also used in the engine ________ system.
HydraulicsIslamic Golden AgeMuslim Agricultural RevolutionAl-Jazari

Question 5: A high ________ number (brightness of flame index) is required to minimize transfer of heat to the burner parts.
InfraredAbsorption spectroscopySpectroscopyPhotometer

Question 6: The very low volatility and relative unwillingness of JP-7 to be ignited required triethylborane (TEB) to be injected into the engine in order to initiate combustion and allow ________ operation in flight.


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