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Question 1: A Justice League of America formed in the September 1996 limited series Justice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare by Mark Waid and ________.
X-MenFabian NiciezaWolverine (comics)Deadpool

Question 2: JLA, one of several titles to be cancelled at the conclusion of the ________ storyline, ended with issue #125.
Final CrisisInfinite CrisisCrisis on Infinite EarthsOne Year Later

Question 3: JLA #18-#21 and #33 were written by ________.
Carmine InfantinoGardner FoxFlash (Barry Allen)Mark Waid

Question 4: Morrison introduced the idea of the JLA allegorically representing a pantheon of gods,[4] with their different powers and personalities, incorporating such characters as Oracle, Steel, and ________.
BatmanAquamanFlash (Barry Allen)Plastic Man

Question 5: [3] Additionally, the team received a new headquarters, the Watchtower, based on the ________.
Ganymede (moon)MoonIo (moon)Mercury (planet)

Question 6: JLA was a comic book ongoing series featuring the Justice League published by ________ from January 1997 to April 2006.
SuperheroVertigo (DC Comics)SupermanDC Comics

Question 7: Mark Millar, Devin Grayson and Mark Waid, and ________ wrote issues #27, #32 and #35 respectively.
Eisner AwardMan-ThingJ. M. DeMatteisSpider-Man

Question 8: In 1997, DC Comics launched a new Justice League series titled JLA, written by ________ with art by Howard Porter and inker John Dell.
The InvisiblesAnimal ManGrant Morrison bibliographyGrant Morrison

Question 9: JLA's popularity was also able to launch the critically acclaimed JSA series, which was relaunched as ________ to coincide with the new Justice League of America book.
Earth-TwoBlack CanaryJustice Society of AmericaSeven Soldiers of Victory

Question 10: At the end of the arc, Superboy-Prime destroys the ________.
Flash (Barry Allen)Doomsday (comics)DarkseidJustice League Watchtower


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