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Question 1: The various atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis of the Third Reich, including their genocide against the ________, were instrumental in his decision to become a military man.
AntisemitismJewsSephardi JewsJewish ethnic divisions

Question 2: In the wake of ________'s defeat, he was assigned to Sumatra.
United KingdomCambodiaCanadaJapan

Question 3: Jacob then joined an artillery brigade that was dispatched to North ________ to reinforce the British army against the German army under Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.
Sub-Saharan AfricaScramble for AfricaAfricaAfrican Union

Question 4: After consulting with superior officers, he chalked out a plan for engaging ________ in a "war of movement" in the difficult and swampy terrain of East Pakistan.

Question 5: Lieutenant General JFR Jacob (Jacob-Farj-Rafael Jacob) is a former governor of the Indian states of Punjab and ________ and Lieutenant General (Retired) of the Indian Army.
MangaloreGoaMumbaiDaman and Diu

Question 6: His home in ________ has for years been a pilgrimage site for Israeli diplomats, researchers and security officers.
Chandni ChowkChanakyapuriNew DelhiConnaught Place, New Delhi

Question 7: For many years, Jacob served as the party's security adviser and was eventually appointed the governorship of the state of ________, and subsequently became the governor of the state of Punjab .
MumbaiMangaloreDaman and DiuGoa

Question 8: The war led to the independence of East Pakistan from the rest of Pakistan, and the new nation of ________ was formed.
Sri LankaMalaysiaMaldivesBangladesh

Question 9: Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between ________ and Israel, Jacob has paid many visits to Israel.
Research and Analysis WingIndiaLok SabhaIndia and the Non-Aligned Movement

Question 10: However, Jacob was motivated by reports of the Holocaust of European Jewry during World War II to join the ________.
Indian Army during World War IIBritish RajIndian Army (1895–1947)Indian Army during World War I

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