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Jōmon Sugi: Quiz


Question 1: [11] After the designation of Yakushima as a World Heritage Site in 1993, local officials restricted access to the tree to an ________ built at a distance of 50 ft (15 m) from the tree.
MoscowParisTaipeiObservation deck

Question 2: [12] It has a volume of approximately 10,000 cu ft (300 m3), making it the largest ________ in Japan.
PlantGymnospermPinophytaFlowering plant

Question 3: In 2005, vandals stripped from the tree a piece of ________ measuring about 4 in (10 cm) on each side.
Plant stemWoodRootBark

Question 4: It is the oldest and largest of nearly 2,000-year-________ cryptomeria trees on the island,[2] and is estimated to be between 2,170[3] and 7,200 years old.
EcologyNatural environmentNatureOld-growth forest

Question 5: Jōmon Sugi (縄文杉 ?) is a large cryptomeria tree located on Yakushima, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in ________.
CambodiaCanadaUnited KingdomJapan


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