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Jökulhlaup: Quiz


Question 1: Meltwater may flow either above the glacier (supraglacially), below the glacier (subglacially/basally) or as groundwater in an ________ below the glacier as a result of the hydraulic transmissivity of the subsoil under the glacier.
Ogallala AquiferWater contentAquiferHydrogeology

Question 2: First, Glacial Lake Iroquois drained to the Atlantic in catastrophic ________ releases, as the receding ice sheet dam failed and re-established itself in three distinct jökulhlaups.
Adirondack MountainsRidge-and-Valley AppalachiansHudson ValleyChamplain Valley

Question 3: A jökulhlaup (or glacier burst) is a glacial outburst ________.
Hurricane KatrinaFloodNetherlandsFlood control

Question 4: In July 1994, an ice-dammed surface lake drained via a subglacial tunnel through Goddard Glacier, in the British Columbian ________, resulting in a jökulhlaup.
Kitimat RangesCoast MountainsPacific RangesBoundary Ranges

Question 5: [2][3] ________ (surface melting) tends to result in surface pooling.
Fire-resistance ratingSurgeryAblationLASIK

Question 6: The ________ of the water collected in a basal lake will increase as water drains through the ice until the pressure grows high enough either to force a path through the ice or to float the ice above it.
Pelton wheelHydraulic headDamHydroelectricity


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