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Józef Piłsudski: Quiz


Question 1: Young Józef profoundly disliked having to attend ________ service[20] and left school with an aversion not only for the Russian Tsar and the Russian Empire, but for the culture, which he knew well.
Bulgarian Orthodox ChurchRussian Orthodox ChurchArmenian Apostolic ChurchGeorgian Orthodox Church

Question 2: [99] Days later, the Soviets paid dearly for this when, during the ________, the overconfident Red Army suffered one of its greatest defeats ever.
Kiev Offensive (1920)Battle of the Niemen RiverPolish–Soviet WarBattle of Warsaw (1920)

Question 3: In 1923, with the ________ dominated by his opponents, particularly the National Democrats, he withdrew from active politics.
Politics of GreecePolitics of PolandPolitics of SloveniaPolitics of Lithuania

Question 4: March upon Vilnius, Minsk, Warsaw!"[89] and "onward to ________ over the corpse of Poland!"[55]

Question 5: The paramilitaries also held up Russian ________ transports leaving Polish territories.
CurrencyCyprusISO 4217Coin

Question 6: In the fall of 1904, Piłsudski formed a paramilitary unit (the ________, or bojówki) aiming to create an armed resistance movement against the Russian authorities.
Józef PiłsudskiWładysław SikorskiCombat Organization of the Polish Socialist PartyBezdany raid

Question 7: The word "Provisional" was struck from his title, and Piłsudski would hold the office until December 9, 1922, when ________ was elected the first president of Poland.
Edward Bernard RaczyńskiIgnacy Jan PaderewskiWłodzimierz CimoszewiczGabriel Narutowicz

Question 8: Piłsudski had given Poland something akin to what ________'s Onufry Zagłoba had mused about: a Polish Oliver Cromwell.
Henryk SienkiewiczBjørnstjerne BjørnsonRomain RollandWładysław Reymont

Question 9: Nonetheless, Piłsudski's government depended more on his ________ than on rational-legal authority.
Traditional authorityRationalization (sociology)Charismatic authorityTalcott Parsons

Question 10: [110] He became Chief of the General Staff and, together with Minister of Military Affairs Władysław Sikorski, managed to stabilize the situation, quelling unrest with a brief ________.
PhilippinesUnited StatesSyriaState of emergency

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