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Józef Antoni Poniatowski: Quiz


Question 1: The Battle of Zieleńce on June 18 was the first major victorious engagement of the Polish forces since ________.
John II Casimir VasaWładysław IV VasaAugustus II the StrongJohn III Sobieski

Question 2: But in 1798 his uncle, the former king Stanisław August, died in ________ .
MoscowSaint PetersburgRussiaLeningrad Oblast

Question 3: In April 1811 Poniatowski went to Paris, where he represented the king of ________ and duke of Warsaw Frederick Augustus I at the baptism ceremonies of Napoleon's son.

Question 4: In 1829 his monument by ________ was placed in Warsaw.
Bertel ThorvaldsenDenmarkRomeChicago

Question 5: There he died, probably shot by French troops' ________ from the opposite bank of the Elster River.
CitationStyle guideThe MLA Style ManualParenthetical referencing

Question 6: At the end of that year ________ and his forces entered Warsaw and Poniatowski had to define his role within this new political reality.
Jean-Mathieu-Philibert SérurierCaroline BonaparteJoachim MuratNapoleonic Wars

Question 7: Prince Józef Antoni Poniatowski was born in Vienna, ________ in the Palais Kinsky[1] He was baptized in Vienna's Schottenkirche.
Czech RepublicHungaryAustriaPoland

Question 8: Prince Józef Antoni Poniatowski (May 7, 1763 – October 19, 1813) was a Polish leader, general, minister of war and army chief, who became a ________.
Édouard Adolphe Casimir Joseph MortierMarshal of FranceJoachim MuratJean-de-Dieu Soult

Question 9: Józef was born and raised in Vienna, but was also spending time with his mother in ________ and later with his uncle the king in Warsaw.

Question 10: Kościuszko proposed that Prince Józef leads the Insurrection in ________, where he was demoting the radical and successful leader Jakub Jasiński, but Poniatowski, not wanting to be so far from his uncle, who needed him, declined.


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