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Jérôme Bonaparte: Quiz


Question 1: His grandson Charles Joseph Bonaparte served as United States Secretary of the Navy and ________.
United States Attorney GeneralRobert F. KennedyAlberto GonzalesEric Holder

Question 2: Later, Jérôme moved to ________ where he married Giustina Pecori-Suárez, the widow of an Italian nobleman.

Question 3: He studied at the Catholic college of Juilly, and then served with the ________ before going to the United States.
Force d'action navaleFrench NavyForce océanique stratégiqueFrench aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle (R91)

Question 4: Their second child, a daughter, Princess Mathilde Bonaparte, was prominent during and after the ________ as a hostess.
July MonarchyFirst French EmpireFrench Third RepublicSecond French Empire

Question 5: Maria Letizia Bonaparte (1866–1926) married ________
Amadeo of SpainHouse of SavoyUmberto I of ItalyJuan Carlos I of Spain

Question 6: When his nephew, Prince Louis Napoleon, became President of the French Republic in 1848, Jérôme was made governor of ________, Paris, the burial place of his famous brother.
LouvreLes InvalidesChamps-ÉlyséesArc de Triomphe

Question 7: After 1848, when his nephew Louis Napoleon became ________, he served in several official roles.
Nicolas SarkozyPresident of FrancePresident of PolandPresident of Romania

Question 8: He was a younger brother of Joseph Bonaparte, Napoleon Bonaparte, Lucien Bonaparte, ________, Louis Bonaparte, Pauline Bonaparte and Caroline Bonaparte.
Jérôme BonaparteElisa BonaparteNapoleon IMaria Letizia Bonaparte

Question 9: He returned to France and rallied to Napoloeon during the ________ rule.
Napoleon IHundred DaysMilitary mobilisation during the Hundred DaysNapoleonic Wars

Question 10: Jérôme was born Girolamo Buonaparte in ________, Corsica as the eighth and last surviving child, fifth surviving son, of Carlo Buonaparte and Letizia Ramolino.


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