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Question 1: The izhitsa is sometimes used in place of the new ________ symbol for the labiodental flap because the signs are similar.
Velar nasalInternational Phonetic AlphabetX-SAMPAVoiceless alveolar fricative

Question 2: The izhitsa is also used in the ________, used until about 1860.
I (Cyrillic)Romanian Cyrillic alphabetDzeMoldovan Cyrillic alphabet

Question 3: In the ________, the usage of izhitsa became progressively more rare during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Russian languageSerbian languageMacedonian languageErzya language

Question 4: At the beginning of the twentieth century, there was only one word with relatively stable spelling with izhitsa: мѵро (müro, '________') and its derivatives.
MyrrhJesusOrthodox ChurchNew Testament

Question 5: Izhitsa (Ѵ, ѵ; Russian: И́жица) is a letter of the ________.
Early Cyrillic alphabetGlagolitic alphabetMacedonian languageMacedonian orthography

Question 6: Izhitsa is still in use in the ________.
Macedonian languageChurch Slavonic languageRussian languageOld Church Slavonic


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