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Ivrea: Quiz


Question 1: The small Gothic church of San Bernardino was built by the ________ starting from 1455.
CarmelitesCatholic religious orderDominican OrderFranciscan

Question 2: Ivrea is a town and comune of the province of Turin in the Piedmont region of northwestern ________.

Question 3: Alessandro Manzoni in his Adelchi, names one duke Guinigi of Ivrea, chosen by king Desiderius as defender of ________.

Question 4: Ivrea today is best known for its peculiar traditional ________.
Mardi GrasSpainCarnivalMalta

Question 5: A substantially new edifice, in ________ style, was built in 1785.
Western art historyMannerismRenaissanceBaroque

Question 6: The town’s football club, U.S. Ivrea Calcio, currently plays in ________.
Lega Italiana Calcio ProfessionisticoLega Pro Prima DivisioneSorrento CalcioHellas Verona F.C.

Question 7: The Town Hall built in 1758 with a remarkable bell tower decorated with ________ plants, the symbol of Canavese.

Question 8: During the 20th century its primary claim to fame was as the base of operations for Olivetti, a once well-known manufacturer of typewriters, mechanical ________ and, later, computers.
CalculatorScientific calculatorProgrammable calculatorPersonal computer

Question 9: Situated on the road leading to the ________ (part of the medieval Via Francigena), it straddles the Dora Baltea and is regarded as the centre of the Canavese area.
SicilyAosta ValleyVenetoPiedmont

Question 10: After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, Ivrea became seat of a duchy under the ________ (6th-8th centuries).
Germanic peoplesSuebiLombardsFranks

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