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Question 1: In ________, items are far less common, however they still appear in many titles.
Fighting gameBeat 'em upPlatform gameLight gun shooter

Question 2: The most common items are the health pack, similar to a potion in RPGs, and the ________ pack, a generic box of ammo that will work with whatever gun the player character has equipped at that time.
BombMiningMilitary technology and equipmentAmmunition

Question 3: The Sonic the Hedgehog series has a recurring side goal being the collection of the ________.
Sonic the Hedgehog franchise timelineSonic & Sega All-Stars RacingSonic the Hedgehog (series)Sonic the Hedgehog (video game)

Question 4: Although the term for this varies, this function is common in some MMORPGs like ________ and in single-player games like Final Fantasy.
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich KingWorld of WarcraftWarcraft III: Reign of ChaosWorld of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade

Question 5: In some games, particularly those with an ________ map, players can take these items to a shop-like place and exchange them for new abilities or equipments.
Mario (series)OverworldFinal FantasyPlatform game

Question 6: Often, the statistics of a weapon can be increased through the use of rare items like Materia in ________ games or scrolls in MapleStory.
Final FantasyFinal Fantasy VIIFinal Fantasy (video game)Final Fantasy VI

Question 7: In many ________, like Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Brothers, items are scattered throughout the Level in Item boxes or on their own.
Video game genresPlatform gameFighting gameFirst-person shooter

Question 8: Items are especially prevalent in ________, as they are usually necessary for the completion of quests or to advance through the story.
Role-playing game termsLive action role-playing gameRole-playing gameRole-playing game (pen and paper)

Question 9: In some games that cross genres, like ________, the weapons come in the form of powerups that have very limited duration.
Twisted Metal 2Twisted Metal IIITwisted Metal: BlackTwisted Metal

Question 10: Generally, more powerful weapons (such as the aforementioned Rocket Launchers and ________) tend to be found later in the game.
TankFlamethrowerWorld War IIUnited States


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