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Italo-Greek Catholic Church: Quiz


Question 1: Its members are concentrated in Sicily and southern ________.

Question 2:
The Italo-Greek Catholic Church, also known as the Italo-Albanian Catholic Church, is a ________ sui juris particular Church in full union with the Roman Catholic Church.
East–West SchismEastern Catholic ChurchesByzantine RiteJohn Chrysostom

Question 3: Vito in ________, and others soon accepted the authority of the local Latin-Rite bishops.
PalermoSanta Cristina GelaPiana degli AlbanesiCampofelice di Roccella

Question 4: Not all of these Albanians were of Byzantine Rite, since those from northern ________ were mainly of Latin Rite.
SerbiaAlbaniaCroatiaBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 5: However, the Albanian ________ members of Church trace their origin rather to Albanians who fled the Ottoman invasions, particularly after the death of Skanderbeg in 1468.
ArbëreshëArbanasi (group)Piana degli AlbanesiAlbanian diaspora


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