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Question 1: The seat of government was moved in 1865 from Turin, the old Sardinian capital, to ________, where the first Italian parliament was summoned.

Question 2: A challenge against the ________'s temporal domain was viewed with great distrust by Catholics around the world, and French troops were stationed in Rome.
PopeCatholic ChurchPope Benedict XVIPope John Paul II

Question 3: Italian Empire in 1940, notice expansion into ________
Split (city)CroatiaDalmatiaBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 4: In July 1870, the ________ began.
Franco-Prussian WarOtto von BismarckAlsace-LorraineGerman Empire

Question 5: The leader of the 1823 revolutionary movement in Piedmont was Santorre di Santarosa, who wanted to remove the Austrians and unify Italy under the ________.
House of SavoyHohenzollern-SigmaringenHouse of HabsburgHouse of Bourbon

Question 6: With the London Pact, signed in April 1915, Italy agreed to declare war against the ________, in exchange for the irredent territories of Friuli, Trentino and Dalmatia (see Italia irredenta).
Balkans Campaign (World War I)World War ISerbian Campaign (World War I)Central Powers

Question 7: Shortly after this, revolts began on the island of ________ and in Naples against King Ferdinand, who conceded as he had in 1821 and granted The Kingdom of two Sicilies a constitution, as well as releasing political prisoners.

Question 8: The Papal troops under Lamoricière advanced against Cialdini, but were quickly defeated and besieged in the fortress of ________, finally surrendering on September 29.

Question 9: ________, who became president of the Council of Ministers in 1852, also had expansionist ambitions.
Alfonso Ferrero La MarmoraCamillo Benso, conte di CavourFrancesco CrispiFederico Luigi, Conte Menabrea

Question 10: Garibaldi's irregular bands of about 25,000 men could not drive away the king or take the fortresses of ________ and Gaeta without the help of the Sardinian army.
CaiazzoCapuaSessa AuruncaAversa


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