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Question 1: Both wrote ________, but while Terramagnino was a critic of the Tuscan school, Paolo has been alleged as a member.
PoetryEpic poetryLyric poetrySonnet

Question 2: The earliest vernacular literary tradition in Italy was not in the ________ but rather in Occitan, a language which was spoken in parts of northwest Italy.
Italian languageSpanish languagePortuguese languageFrench language

Question 3: Sordello (1220s–1230s) has been praised by such later poets as ________, Robert Browning, Oscar Wilde, and Ezra Pound.
Catholic ChurchPeter AbelardDante AlighieriPope John Paul II

Question 4: The ideas behind the ________ of 1789 gave a special direction to Italian literature in the second half of the 18th century.
National Constituent AssemblyNational ConventionFrench RevolutionFrench Directory

Question 5: Giacomo da Lentini is also credited with inventing the sonnet, a form later perfected by Dante and ________.
RenaissanceDante AlighieriPoetryPetrarch

Question 6: Italian literature is literature written in the ________, particularly within Italy.
Spanish languageItalian languageFrench languagePortuguese language

Question 7: Next to Lorenzo comes ________, who also united, and with greater art, the ancient and the modern, the popular and the classical style.
Italian RenaissanceItalyClassicsPoliziano

Question 8: He described with the art of a sculptor; he satirized, laughed, prayed, sighed, always elegant, always a Florentine, but a Florentine who read ________, Ovid and Tibullus, who wished to enjoy life, but also to taste of the refinements of art.

Question 9: Ariosto's ________ was a continuation of Boiardo's Innamorato.
Italian literatureRenaud de MontaubanOrlando FuriosoOrlando Innamorato

Question 10: But the first to introduce life into this style was Luigi Pulci, who grew up in the house of the Medici, and who wrote the Morgante Maggiore at the request of Lucrezia Tornabuoni, mother of ________.
Lorenzo de' MediciMedici BankItalian RenaissanceMedici family tree

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