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Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Italian lira have?
Elections in New South Wales
Italian currency
Just Like Frank

Question 2: As with old San Marino lira coins, this country has its own set of ________.
1 cent euro coinsEurozoneEuro coins2 euro coins

Question 3: Between 1999 and 2002, the Italian lira was officially a “national subunit” of the ________.
European Central BankPound sterlingEurozoneEuro

Question 4: 500,000 lire, ________, (€ 258.23; rarely used)
Baronci AltarpieceThe Deposition (Raphael)Transfiguration (Raphael)Raphael

Question 5: Until the ________, it was subdivided into 100 centesimi (singular: centesimo), which translates to "one hundredth".
Second Sino-Japanese WarCollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IIWorld War IISoviet occupations

Question 6: In 1927, the lira was pegged to the ________ at a rate of 1 dollar = 19 lire.
United States dollarFederal Reserve SystemHawaiiUnited States

Question 7: Upon the creation of the Kingdom of Italy under Vittorio Emanuele II (________), a unified lira was established, at 4.5 grams of silver or 290.322 milligrams of gold.
March 41948November 11861

Question 8: 2,000 lire, ________, (€ 1.03)
James FranckKarl Ferdinand BraunWilhelm RöntgenGuglielmo Marconi

Question 9: 10,000 lire, ________, (€ 5.16)
Michael FaradayAlessandro VoltaGeorg OhmWilliam Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin

Question 10: The lira ultimately dates back to ________.
AlboinCharlemagneLothair ILouis the Pious


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