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Question 1:
Who of the following spoke at the Italian language?
125 million as second language

Question 2: It thus became expected that educated Europeans would learn at least some Italian; the English poet ________, for instance, wrote some of his early poetry in Italian.
LycidasComus (John Milton)John MiltonJohn Milton's reception history

Question 3: All educated European gentlemen were expected to make the ________, visiting Italy to see its great historical monuments and works of art.
TourismHotelGrand TourFemale sex tourism

Question 4: There are fewer cases of ________ than among speakers of languages such as English,[6] and the concept of a spelling bee is strange to Italians.
DyslexiaExpressive aphasiaDysgraphiaPsychiatry

Question 5: In England, Italian became the second most common modern language to be learned, after French (though the classical languages, ________ and Greek, came first).
Roman EmpireOld LatinLatinVulgar Latin

Question 6: Italian has seven ________ phonemes: /a/, /e/, /ɛ/, /i/, /o/, /ɔ/, /u/, represented by five letters: "a, e, i, o, u".
Close-mid back rounded vowelVowelClose back rounded vowelClose front unrounded vowel

Question 7: The three are part of the Italo-Western grouping of the ________, which are a subgroup of the Italic branch of Indo-European.
Romance languagesFrench languagePortuguese languageSpanish language

Question 8:

Question 9: Italian was also one of the many recognised languages in the ________.
Austria–HungaryHoly Roman EmpireGerman EmpireOttoman Empire

Question 10: info), or lingua italiana) is a Romance language spoken by about 60 million people in ________, and by another 10 million Italian descendants in the world, making it spoken by a total of approximately 70 million native speakers.


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