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Question 1: ________
Adriatic Campaign of World War IIEast African Campaign (World War II)Mediterranean, Middle East and African theatres of World War IIBalkans Campaign

Question 2: [9] After the Germans left due to the rapid Albanian Communist forces advance, the Albanian Partisans crushed nationalist resistance and the leader of the[10] Albanian Communist Party, ________, became the leader of the country.
Mehmet ShehuEnver HoxhaSali BerishaEssad Pasha

Question 3: Before World War I Italy and ________ had been instrumental in the creation of an independent Albanian state.
Holy Roman EmpireGerman EmpireOttoman EmpireAustria–Hungary

Question 4: The conflict was a result of the expansionist policies of Italian dictator ________.
Italian FascismAxis powersFascismBenito Mussolini

Question 5: Rome, however, delivered ________ an ultimatum on March 25, 1939, demanding that it accede to Italy's occupation of Albania.

Question 6: That success did not last long, as post-war domestic problems, Albanian resistance, and pressure from United States ________ Woodrow Wilson, forced Italy to pull out in 1920.
PresidentOfficial residenceFrancePrime minister

Question 7: Albania was rapidly overrun, its ruler, King Zog I, forced into exile, and the country made into an Italian ________.
MoroccoFranceBritish EmpireProtectorate

Question 8: ________ had long had considerable strategic importance for Italy.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaCroatiaAlbaniaSerbia

Question 9: The Italian invasion of Albania (April 7 – April 12, 1939) was a brief military campaign by the Kingdom of Italy against the ________.
Albanian KingdomAlbania under Nazi GermanyAlbanian RepublicAlbania under Italy

Question 10: Italian naval strategists eyed the port of Vlorë and the island of Sazan at the entrance to the Bay of Vlorë with considerable interest, as it would give Italy control of the entrance to the ________.
Adriatic SeaIonian SeaMediterranean SeaAegean Sea


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