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Italian dialects: Quiz


Question 1: Many Italian regions already had a different ________ before the conquest of Italy by the Romans: Northern Italy had a Celtic substratum (this part of Italy was known as Gallia Cisalpina, "Gallia on this side of the Alps"), a Ligurian substratum, or a Venetic substratum.
Stratum (linguistics)SpainFranceEnglish language

Question 2: influence of Western Lombard (Western ________, Eastern Piedmont, Swiss) and intermediate Western-Eastern Lombard dialects

Question 3:
  • ________ (the base of modern Standard Italian, but there are many differences)
    Corsican languageEmiliano-RomagnoloItalian languageTuscan Language

Question 4: influence of Sicilian dialect (Sicily, Southern Calabria, Southern ________)

Question 5: The plays of ________ in Venetian are notable example.
MolièreCarlo GoldoniFlorenceVenice

Question 6: ________
European Charter for Regional or Minority LanguagesGerman languagePolish languageGermany

Question 7: influence of Western Lombard (Western ________, Eastern Piedmont, Switzerland) and intermediate Western-Eastern Lombard dialects.

Question 8: influence of Neapolitan dialect in Southern Italian (Campania, ________, Molise, Northern Apulia, Northern Calabria, Basilicata)

Question 9: All of that began as a diversification between the way to speak Latin (the official language of the ________).
Roman RepublicByzantine EmpireWestern Roman EmpireRoman Empire

Question 10: influence of Sassarese language (Northern ________)


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