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Italian Spiderman: Quiz


Question 1: Despite having the potion, Italian Spiderman overwhelms by his powers alone the newfound army (showing in the process to have a poisonous bite and removable moustaches that can double as razor-sharp ________).
Australian Aboriginal sign languagesCoolamon (vessel)BoomerangIndigenous Australians

Question 2: Captain Maximum later intercepts the Italian Spiderman and takes the asteroid, although he gives Italian Spiderman a chance to win it by beating Maximum in a ________ contest.
SurfboardMavericks (location)Surf cultureSurfing

Question 3: In the middle of a party, an ________ from a distant galaxy falls to Earth and is taken by professor Bernardi (Carmine Russo) for research.
Asteroid beltCeres (dwarf planet)AsteroidComet

Question 4: In November 2007, they uploaded the theatrical trailer and in 2008, ten remastered excerpts from the feature will be broadcast for free over ________, YouTube, Yahoo!, and other video-hosting websites.

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