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Question 1: The figures of Classical mythology began to take on a new symbolic role in Christian art and in particular, the Goddess ________ took on a new discretion.
Mercury (planet)VenusJupiterMars

Question 2: A similar heritage of artistic achievement occurred in Venice through the talented Bellini family, their influential inlaw Mantegna, ________, Titian and Tintoretto.
GiorgioneLeonardo da VinciGiovanni BelliniRaphael

Question 3: In 1479, a group of artists from Florence was commissioned with the work: ________, Perugino, Ghirlandaio and Cosimo Rosselli.
Cestello Annunciation (Botticelli)Lamentation over the Dead Christ (Botticelli)Madonna and Child with an Angel (Botticelli)Sandro Botticelli

Question 4: In the 1450s ________, in paintings such as The Flagellation of Christ, demonstrated his mastery over linear perspective and also over the science of light.
Italian RenaissancePiero della FrancescaFlorenceItaly

Question 5: His first set of ________ took 27 years to complete, after which he was commissioned to make another.
Florence BaptisteryFlorencePalazzo VecchioFlorence Cathedral

Question 6: There were also many allegorical paintings on the theme of ________ and the role of the Church in attaining it.

Question 7: Incidents important to a particular family might be recorded like those in the Camera degli Sposi that ________ painted for the Gonzaga family at Mantua.
FlorenceAndrea MantegnaRomeGiovanni Bellini

Question 8: His fresco Allegory of the Active and Triumphant Church is remarkable for its depiction of ________, complete with the dome which was not built until the following century.
Palazzo VecchioFlorence CathedralGiotto's CampanileFlorence Baptistery

Question 9: The Pope's plan for the Apostles would thematically have formed a pictorial link between the Old Testament and ________ narratives on the walls, and the popes in the gallery of portraits.
Biblical canonNew TestamentGospelJesus

Question 10: They took every shape from small mass-produced terracotta plaques to magnificent altarpieces such as those by Cimabue, ________ and Masaccio.
ItalyItalian RenaissanceFlorenceGiotto di Bondone


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