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Question 1: Among the most emulated Romans are ________, Horace, Sallust, and Virgil.
CiceroPompeyMark AntonyJulius Caesar

Question 2: Famous vernacular poets of the fifteenth century include the renaissance epic authors Luigi Pulci (author of Morgante), Matteo Maria Boiardo (Orlando Innamorato), and ________ (Orlando Furioso).
PaladinPoetryFerraraLudovico Ariosto

Question 3: Just as important was the end of stability with a series of foreign invasions of Italy known as the ________ that would continue for several decades.
Italian WarsEarly Modern FranceItalian RenaissanceItalian unification

Question 4: Florence became one of the wealthiest cities of Northern Italy, due mainly to its woolen textile production, under the supervision of its dominant trade ________, the Arte della Lana.
GuildFree marketCapitalismTrade union

Question 5: This time of crisis in Florence was the period when most of the major early Renaissance figures were coming of age, such as Ghiberti, Donatello, Masolino, and ________, and that they were inculcated with this republican ideology.
Renaissance architectureFlorence BaptisteryFilippo BrunelleschiItalian Renaissance

Question 6: By the end of the Middle Ages, central Italy-the heartland of the ________-, and southern Italy, was poorer than the north.
Western Roman EmpireRoman RepublicByzantine EmpireRoman Empire

Question 7: The northern states also kept many medieval laws that severely hampered commerce, such as those against ________, and prohibitions on trading with non-Christians.
ShariaProtestant ReformationInterestUsury

Question 8: As the papacy fell under the control of the wealthy families from the north, such as the ________ and the Borgias the spirit of Renaissance art and philosophy came to dominate the Vatican.
House of BonaparteHouse of BourbonHouse of HabsburgHouse of Medici

Question 9: Petrarch encouraged the study of the ________ classics and carried his copy of Homer about, at a loss to find someone to teach him to read Greek.
Vulgar LatinRoman EmpireOld LatinLatin

Question 10: [12] The great transformation began under ________, who became pontiff in 1447.
Pope Alexander VIPope Sixtus IVPope Eugene IVPope Nicholas V


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