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Italian Greyhound: Quiz


Question 1: Rescues and Shelters at the ________
Open Directory ProjectJim BarksdaleLife (magazine)Time Warner

Question 2: Their scissor-bite and thin jaw bones make them susceptible to ________, which can be avoided with good dental care.
Periodontal diseaseAggressive periodontitisGingivitisPeriodontitis

Question 3: Dogs similar to Italian Greyhounds are recorded as having been seen around Emperor ________'s court in Rome in the first century AD.

Question 4: Some Italian Greyhounds enjoy ________.
FlyballLure coursingConformation showDog agility

Question 5: The grace of the breed has prompted several artists to include the dogs in paintings, among others Velázquez, ________ and Giotto.
ItalyPaolo UccelloPisanelloItalian Renaissance

Question 6: Overall, they look like "miniature" ________, though many Italian Greyhound owners dispute the use of the term "miniature Greyhound", in reference to the breed itself.
Afghan HoundGreyhoundPharaoh HoundBeagle

Question 7: The Italian Greyhound is a small breed of ________ of the sight hound type.
DogDog healthCoat (dog)Canine reproduction

Question 8: ________, Autoimmune Thyroid Disease (Hashimoto's disease)
HypothyroidismHashimoto's thyroiditisGraves' diseaseHypopituitarism

Question 9: ________, gum recession, early tooth loss, bad tooth enamel
GingivitisPeriodontitisAggressive periodontitisPeriodontal disease

Question 10: ________ is another activity well-fitted to the Italian Greyhound, and they seem to enjoy it tremendously.
FlyballLure coursingScottish DeerhoundConformation show


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