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Question 1: Those who gained were the owners of the ________, and the propertied classes in general .
LatifundiumItalySpanish languageArgentina

Question 2: [39] The Fascists ruled via ________ government, especially in combating insurgents and guerrillas attempting to expel the italians from their colonized countries; Omar Mukhtar was a notable Libyan example.

Question 3: The Italian economy’s Gross National Product increased 2 per cent; automobile production was increased, especially that of the ________ motor company,[28] and the aeronautical industry was developing.
ZastavaSTMicroelectronicsFiatFiat Automobiles

Question 4: He then progressed to close associated with ________, leading to discarding the Spanish annexation to Italy.
FalangeJosé Antonio Primo de RiveraNational syndicalismFascism

Question 5: Subsequent to the 1926 ________ crisis, banks such as the Banco di Roma (Bank of Rome), the Banco di Napoli (Bank of Naples), and the Banco di Sicilia (Bank of Sicily) also were state-financed.
Keynesian economicsEconomicsDeflationInflation

Question 6: Despite parallels between ________’s racist domestic and foreign policies with those of Italy, Il Duce Mussolini was inconsistent about the application of racism in society.
Nazi GermanyAxis powersNazismAdolf Hitler

Question 7: ________
Fascism and ideologyModel of masculinity under fascist ItalyAnti-intellectualismFascism

Question 8: [38] With an expansionist and militarian agenda, Italian ________ penetrated Africa in competition with the British and French empires.
Portuguese EmpireColonialismSpanish EmpireDutch Empire

Question 9: Spain — The writer Ernesto Giménez Caballero, in Genio de España (The Genius of Spain, 1932) called for the Italian annexation of Spain, led by Mussolini presiding an international Latin ________ empire.
Pope John Paul IICatholic ChurchPope Gregory IPope

Question 10: By the early 1920s, popular support for the Fascist Revolutionary Party’s fight against ________ numbered some 250,000 people.
Vladimir LeninMenshevikRussian Social Democratic Labour PartyBolshevik

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