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It's a Wonderful Lie (House): Quiz


Question 1:
When did It's a Wonderful Lie (House) air?

Question 2:
Who wrote It's a Wonderful Lie (House)?
Philip Bailey, Pamela Phillips-Oland, Monty Seward
Pamela Davis
Rae, Pamela Sheyne, Paul Herman
Pamela Chopra

Question 3: The patient is known to have inherited a mutation of the ________ tumor suppressor gene from her mother, putting her at significantly greater risk of developing certain types of breast cancer.
Mothers against decapentaplegic homolog 2BRCA1Retinoblastoma proteinBRCA2

Question 4: House suspects that this ________ process was faulty in the patient, leaving a deposit of breast tissue somewhere on her body which eventually produced a tumor.
South AfricaCullingElephantLivestock

Question 5: In the clinic, House treats another female patient, called Melanie (Jennifer Hall), whom he initially diagnoses with ________.
Pneumococcal infectionMycoplasma pneumoniaPneumoniaStreptococcal pharyngitis

Question 6: House and the team conclude that her best hope is a ________, but the patient will not allow her daughter to be tested for a match, despite the daughter's protests.
Organ transplantHematopoietic stem cell transplantationGraft-versus-host diseaseImmunosuppressive drug

Question 7: At the end of the episode, House (an ________) visits a church, which is putting on a Nativity play during which his clinic patient rides in on a donkey, playing the part of the virgin Mary.
David HumeRelationship between religion and scienceNontheismAtheism

Question 8: In an effort to avoid these risks, the patient had an elective ________ double-mastectomy.
Preventive medicineObstetricsInfectious diseaseMedicine

Question 9: At the same time, he notices that she's had HIV tests every 3 months, and that ________ is also the patron saint of prostitutes.
Saint NicholasChristmasSanta ClausChristmas Eve

Question 10: Entering the lab singing ________, House proclaims that he is about to perform a Christmas miracle, and orders his team to give the patient risperidone, an anti-psychotic medication.
The Christmas SongGod rest you merry, gentlemenChristmas carolA Christmas Carol


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