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It's Alive! (Dexter): Quiz


Question 1: "It's Alive!" is the second season premiere and thirteenth overall episode of the American television drama series Dexter, which first aired on September 30, 2007 on ________ in the United States.
MountainWest Sports NetworkHBOCBS College Sports NetworkShowtime

Question 2: Filming of the episode began in May in Los Angeles, ________, marking the show's permanent move from Miami, Florida, where the show takes place.
CaliforniaNorthern CaliforniaSacramento, CaliforniaSan Jose, California

Question 3: With filming beginning on May 21, 2007,[3] "It's Alive!" marked the permanent relocation of production from Miami to ________.
Los AngelesSan Jose, CaliforniaGlendale, CaliforniaLong Beach, California

Question 4: "It's Alive!" at the ________
Box Office MojoCDNOWAmazon.comInternet Movie Database

Question 5: [7] For the episode, Biscayne Bay was substituted with a set in Los Angeles,[6] while most on location scenes were filmed in and around San Pedro and Long Beach, ________.
Northern CaliforniaCaliforniaSan Jose, CaliforniaSacramento, California

Question 6: [8] The episode attracted 471,000 Australian viewers on its first ________ broadcast.
Trinity Broadcasting NetworkEternal Word Television NetworkFree-to-airSatellite television

Question 7: [14] However, the eventual recipient of the award was Sidney Wolinsky, for ________.
David ChaseFunhouse (The Sopranos)The SopranosMusic on The Sopranos

Question 8: [16] ________'s Eric Goldman thought that the episode's biggest problem was "having to follow up such a great first season", but called "It's Alive!" "a solid episode".

Question 9: C.S. Lee as ________
List of Dexter episodesList of Dexter charactersDexter (TV series)Dexter Morgan

Question 10: Although Dexter's first season was adapted from ________'s novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter, the show's writers decided not to follow Lindsay's second novel, Dearly Devoted Dexter, in the second season.
Anti-MormonismFoundation for Ancient Research and Mormon StudiesBloggernacleJeff Lindsay


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