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Israelites: Quiz


Question 1: Esau was also referred to as ________, who traded his birthright for a bowl of lentil soup.(Genesis 25:29-34)[1]

Question 2: The ________ is mainly concerned with the Israelites.
Old TestamentDeuterocanonical booksHebrew BibleTanakh

Question 3: The Israelites became a local political power[citation needed] with the United Monarchy of Kings Saul, ________ and Solomon, from c.

Question 4: There are some Rastafarians that believe they are Jews by descent through Ras Tafari, Ras Tafari being a descendant of ________ and the Queen of Sheba via Menelik I.

Question 5: [citation needed] Additionally, certain groups of ________ in India are referred to as Bene Israel.
AntisemitismJewish ethnic divisionsJewsSephardi Jews

Question 6: They claim to be the only true Israelites on the basis that white Europeans are, in their belief, the literal descendants of the Israelites through the ten tribes, and who are, accordingly, still God's ________.
Chosen peopleJudaismMormonism and JudaismJesus

Question 7: Under Solomon the remaining ________ in the land became the division known as the Avdei Shlomo (Servants of Solomon) and were counted as part of the Nethinim.
Ancient historyQatnaPalestinian territoriesCanaan

Question 8: In the Ottoman Empire the Sephardim mostly settled in the European portion of the Empire, and mainly in the major cities such as: Constantinople, Thessaloniki and ________.

Question 9: ________ are Jews descended from the Jewish communities of the Middle East, Central Asia and the Caucasus.
Jewish ethnic divisionsSephardi JewsYemenite JewsMizrahi Jews

Question 10: Following the conquest of ________ by Moses and Joshua, the Israelite tribes were allotted tribal territories.
CanaanPalestinian territoriesAncient historyQatna


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