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Question 1: According to the ________ as many as 21,320 Israelis lived in the Canada in 2006.
InuitCanada 1996 CensusCanada 2006 CensusCanada 2001 Census

Question 2:
What did Uri Geller do for a living?
Martial Artist
singer, rapper, MC
performer, psychic
Ink and paint artist

Question 3:
Which prime minister did Shimon Peres serve under?

Question 4: According to Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics, as of May 2006, of Israel's 7 million people, 77% were Jews of any background, 18.5% non-Jewish ________, and 4.3% "others".
IraqSyriaPalestinian peopleArab people

Question 5: Most Arab citizens of Israel are Muslim, particularly of the Sunni branch of Islam, and there is a significant Arab Christian minority from various denominations, as well as Arab ________, among other religious communities.
DruzeShia IslamMuslim historyIslamic schools and branches

Question 6: Due to the multi-ethnic composition, Israel is a ________ nation, home to a wide variety of traditions and values.

Question 7:
How is Natalie Portman described?
Israeli-American actress
Union Army officer, politician, surgeon
Russian-American novelist, lepidopterist, professor
Inuit chief

Question 8: As many as 750,000 Israelis are estimated to be living abroad, primarily in the United States and ________ - about 12.5 percent of the general Jewish population of Israel.
CanadaBarbadosUnited KingdomBelize

Question 9: In addition to Israel, Israelis and people of Israeli descent can be found internationally such as in the United States, ________, UK and throughout Europe.
United KingdomCanadaBelizeBarbados

Question 10: The Arab citizens of Israel include also the ________ who were numbered at an estimated 117,500 at the end of 2006.
DruzeMuslim historyShia IslamIslamic schools and branches

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