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Israeli West Bank barrier: Quiz


Question 1: [78] In December 2003, resolution ES-10/14 was adopted by the ________ in an emergency special session.
United Nations Industrial Development OrganizationUnited Nations Security CouncilUnited Nations General AssemblyUnited Nations Trusteeship Council

Question 2: In a 2005 report, the ________ stated that:
United Nations Security CouncilUnited Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesUnited NationsIsrael, Palestine, and the United Nations

Question 3: The Red Cross has declared the barrier in violation of the ________.
International humanitarian lawHuman rightsUniversal jurisdictionGeneva Conventions

Question 4: Settler opponents, by contrast, condemn the barrier for appearing to renounce the Jewish claim to the whole of the ________.
Land of IsraelJewish historyZionismTimeline of Jewish history

Question 5: The section follows the border between Bat Hefer and ________ communities.
JeninKhan YunisNur Shams, TulkarmTulkarm

Question 6: Opponents of the barrier object that the route substantially deviates from the Green Line into the occupied territories captured by Israel in the ________ of 1967.
Six-Day War1948 Arab–Israeli WarYom Kippur War2006 Lebanon War

Question 7: The first section of the wall (as slabs of concrete contiguous for miles) that stood as a barrier was constructed during the ________ negotiations in 1994.
Israel's unilateral disengagement planTaba SummitOslo AccordsIsraeli–Palestinian conflict

Question 8: [15] Following an attack on HaSharon Junction, near the city of ________, Rabin made his goals more specific:
NetanyaPetah TikvaRishon LeZionRamla

Question 9: According to ________, Minister of Housing and Construction at the time:
Natan SharanskyAriel SharonEhud BarakMeir Sheetrit

Question 10: The idea of creating a physical barrier between the Israeli and Palestinian populations was first proposed by in 1992 by then-prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, following the murder of an Israeli teenage girl in ________.


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