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Question 1: Jericho I/II/III - IRBM/________ possibly armed with nuclear warheads
Air-to-air missileBallistic missileIntercontinental ballistic missileAnti-ballistic missile

Question 2: In 1976, IAF C-130 Hercules aircraft participated in Operation Thunderball, the rescue from Entebbe,Uganda, of the hostages of ________ flight 139.
CCM AirlinesAigle AzurAir FranceAir Tahiti Nui

Question 3:
What was the size of the Israeli Air Force?
28 x 21 cm
Three battalions
770 aircraft
1,000 authorized

Question 4: While ________ may volunteer to serve in the IDF, it is unclear whether they can seek air force training.
Palestinian peopleArab citizens of IsraelIsraeli JewsNazareth

Question 5:
Where does Israeli Air Force come from?

Question 6:
What is the command structure of the Israeli Air Force?

Question 7: The Avias were back in action on May 30, attacking Jordanian forces near ________, losing another aircraft in the process.
TulkarmKhan YunisNur Shams, TulkarmJenin

Question 8: Rimon 20 - July 30, 1970: the IAF ambushes and shoots down 5 Soviet ________ fighters.
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23Mikoyan MiG-29

Question 9: ________ shot down an IAF CH-53 Yas'ur helicopter on the last day of the war, killing four male and one female aircrew members.
2006 Israel–Gaza conflictLebanese Civil WarHezbollah2006 Lebanon War

Question 10: This was the longest combat mission ever undertaken by the IAF, a stretch of 2,300 kilometers, involving in-flight refueling by an IAF ________.
Boeing 747Boeing 707Boeing 777Boeing 737

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