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Israel and the apartheid analogy: Quiz


Question 1: ________, defence minister of Israel [98]
Meir SheetritEhud BarakTzipi LivniBenjamin Netanyahu

Question 2: Supporters of the ________ consider it to be largely responsible for reducing incidents of terrorism by 90% from 2002 to 2005.
Israeli–Palestinian conflictIsraeli settlementIsraeli West Bank barrierSecond Intifada

Question 3: In October 2005 the ________ stopped Palestinians from driving on the main road through the West Bank; B'Tselem described this as a first step towards "total 'road apartheid'".
Israeli Air ForceLebanese Armed ForcesMilitary Police Corps (Israel)Israel Defense Forces

Question 4: Archbishop ________, and other South African anti-apartheid leaders
Desmond TutuNelson MandelaSouth Africa under apartheidFrederik Willem de Klerk

Question 5: President of the ________ Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann [86]
United Nations Trusteeship CouncilUnited Nations Industrial Development OrganizationUnited Nations General AssemblyUnited Nations Security Council

Question 6: The "Israel Apartheid Week" libel (________ editoral)
HaaretzIsrael PostYated Ne'eman (Israel)The Jerusalem Post

Question 7: In 2003, a year after ________, the Israeli government announced a project of "fences and other physical obstacles" to prevent Palestinians crossing into Israel.
Operation Defensive ShieldSix-Day War2006 Israel–Gaza conflictIsrael's unilateral disengagement plan

Question 8: [33] Marwan Bishara, a teacher of international relations at the ________, has claimed that the restrictions on the movement of goods between Israel and the West Bank are "a defacto apartheid system".
Champs-ÉlyséesFranceMonacoAmerican University of Paris

Question 9: Ishmael Khaldi, deputy consul general of Israel for the USA's Pacific Northwest, and Bedouin Muslim, in response to ________, criticising the analogy, says
Israeli Apartheid WeekIsrael and the apartheid analogyPalestinian peopleAnti-Zionism

Question 10: [8] Palestinian advocacy groups have also accused Israel committing the ________.
GenocideSouth Africa under apartheidCrime of apartheidSlavery


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