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Question 1: In 1993, the strong reaction of then ________ Yitzhak Rabin against the nomination of Yeshayahu Leibowitz led Leibowitz to decline the prize.
Prime ministerAngela MerkelGordon BrownSilvio Berlusconi

Question 2: The Israel Prize (Hebrew: פרס ישראל‎) is an award handed out by the ________ and is largely regarded as the state's highest honor.
IsraelUnited StatesGreeceArmenia

Question 3: It is presented annually, on Israeli Independence Day, in a state ceremony in ________, in the presence of the President, the Prime Minister, the Knesset (Israel's legislature) chairperson, and the Supreme Court president.

Question 4: Cases in which the decision was brought before the ________ included the prizes given to publicist Shmuel Shnitzer and politician Shulamit Aloni
Supreme Court of IsraelSupreme Court of IndiaSupreme Court of JapanSupreme Court of the Philippines

Question 5: These include Prime Minister ________ and performer Uri Zohar.
Shimon PeresMenachem BeginDavid Ben-GurionYitzhak Rabin

Question 6: Another criticism of the prize is that the large majority of winners have been male, ________, and secular.

Question 7: The recipients of the prize are Israeli citizens or organizations who have displayed excellence in their field(s), or have contributed strongly to ________.
Ashkenazi JewsCulture of IsraelJerusalemZionism

Question 8: ________ received a special award of the Israel Prize in 1991.
Daniel BarenboimBruno WalterPierre BoulezZubin Mehta


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