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Israel's unilateral disengagement plan: Quiz


Question 1: People were still residing in hotel rooms right up until ________ (in April) of 2006, more than eight months after losing their homes.
Jewish holidayPassoverThe Nine DaysShabbat

Question 2: 2008 Jerusalem bulldozer attack
2008–2009 ________
2006 Lebanon WarGaza WarInternational reaction to the Gaza WarSecond Intifada

Question 3: The August 19 Guardian reported that some settlers had their children leave their homes with their hands up, or wearing a Star of David badge, to associate the actions of Israel with ________ and the Holocaust.
NazismNazi GermanyAxis powersAdolf Hitler

Question 4: On August 2, 2005, another protest against disengagement began in ________ with approximately 50,000 attendees.

Question 5: Following the approval of the plan, it was decided to close the Erez industrial zone and move its factories to development towns such as ________, Dimona, Yeruham, and Sderot.

Question 6: After the ________ of 2006, Olmert announced to his cabinet that disengagement from the West Bank was no longer a high priority.
2006 Lebanon War2006 Israel–Gaza conflictHezbollahInternational reactions to the 2006 Lebanon War

Question 7: The crowds that showed up for the rally overwhelmed the Western Wall's capacity and extended as far as the rest of the Old City and surrounding ________ neighborhoods.

Question 8: On July 13, Sharon signed the closure order of ________, making the area a closed military zone.
Israel's unilateral disengagement planNetzarim (settlement)Bnei AtzmonGush Katif

Question 9: Nevertheless, ________, then the Minister of Industry, Trade, and Labor, stated that the closing was part of Israel's plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip.
Six-Day War2006 Israel–Gaza conflictIsrael's unilateral disengagement planEhud Olmert

Question 10: On December 30, Sharon sealed a deal with the Labor Party to form a coalition, with ________ becoming Vice Premier, restoring the government's majority in the Knesset.
Shimon PeresMenachem BeginYitzhak RabinAriel Sharon


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