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Question 1: This type occurs for example in ________ such as Chlamydomonas.
Wild fisheriesPlantAlgaePhotosynthesis

Question 2: Isogamy refers to a form of ________ involving gametes of similar morphology, differing only in allele expression in one or more mating-type regions.
Sexual reproductionPlant reproductionFertilisationFlowering plant

Question 3: In zygomycetes, two ________ of opposing mating types form special structures called gametangia where the hyphae touch.
Cell wallHyphaMushroomFungus

Question 4: The term isogamy is also used in anthropology to refer to marriage between people of equal social status or ________.
RacismReligious intoleranceCasteRacial segregation

Question 5: Karyogamy (fusion of nuclei) occurs in sporangia and leads to the formation of diploid cells (zygotes) that immediately undergo ________ to form spores.
Cell cycleMitosisMeiosisChromosome

Question 6: The switch to ________ mode is often triggered by a change from favorable to unfavorable growing conditions.
Sexual reproductionFertilisationPlant reproductionFlowering plant

Question 7: ________ occurs when "+" and "-" gametes fuse to form a zygote.
FertilisationHuman embryogenesisEmbryoPrenatal development


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