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Question 1: In ________ an isochronous cyclotron is a cyclotron where the field strength increases with radius to compensate for relativistic increase in mass with speed
Particle acceleratorX-rayNuclear fusionIonizing radiation

Question 2: Pertaining to ________ in which corresponding significant instants of two or more sequential signals have a constant phase relationship.
Data transmissionPhysical LayerOSI modelModulation

Question 3: For instance, in horology, isochronous refers to a mechanical clock or watch which runs at the same rate regardless of changes in its drive force, so it keeps correct time as the ________ unwinds.
MainspringSteelFusee (horology)Mechanical watch

Question 4: In the ________ used in computers, isochronous is one of the four data flow types for USB devices (the others being Control, Interrupt and Bulk).
PCI ExpressUniversal Serial BusEIA-422Conventional PCI

Question 5: Of a periodic signal, pertaining to transmission in which the ________ interval separating any two corresponding transitions is equal to the unit interval or to a multiple of the unit interval; but phase is arbitrary (and in some systems may change slowly over time)
Gregorian calendarIslamic calendarGeologic time scaleTime

Question 6: In dynamical system theory an ________ is called isochronous if the frequency is independent of its amplitude.
Electronic oscillatorOscillationHarmonic oscillatorVibration

Question 7: Closely related to the property of being isochronous is the term isochrone referring to ________ of equal time, for instance, in geological layers, tree rings or wave fronts.
Fantasy mapContour lineCartographyMap


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