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Ismah: Quiz


Question 1: They are in possession of all the knowledge brought by the ________ to the prophets (nabi) and the messengers (Rasul).
ArchangelMichael (archangel)JesusAngel

Question 2: Twelver and Ismaili Shī‘ah Muslims also attribute the quality to Imāms and ________, daughter of Muhammad.
Abu Dharr al-GhifariFatimahCaliphateIslamic calendar

Question 3: ‘Iṣmah "Protection" (Arabic: عِصْمَة‎) is the concept of infallibility or "divinely bestowed freedom from error and sin" in ________.
Muslim historyIslamic schools and branchesMosqueIslam

Question 4: They argue that since ________ has commanded absolute obedience from these figures they must only order that which is right.

Question 5: The doctrine has been rejected by some, such as the ________, who point to the second ayah in the Surah] of Al-Fath, in which God says to Muhammad that he will; "forgive thee thy faults of the past and those to follow".
Muslim historyIslamKharijitesCaliphate

Question 6: [1] Muslims believe that ________ and other prophets in Islam possessed ‘iṣmah.

Question 7: According to Twelver Shī‘ah, the ________ (Arabic: معصومونMa‘ṣūmūn) are historical figures who are infallible which means "divinely bestowed freedom from error and sin" in Islam.
Shia IslamThe Fourteen InfalliblesImamah (Shi'a Twelver doctrine)Imamah (Shi'a doctrine)

Question 8: The Twelver Shī‘ah believe that Muhammad, his daughter Fatima Zahra, and ________ are infallible.
The Twelve ImamsImamah (Shi'a doctrine)Imamah (Shi'a Twelver doctrine)The Fourteen Infallibles

Question 9: History of Islamic Philosophy, Translated by Liadain Sherrard, ________.
Philip SherrardEdmund KeeleyGiorgos SeferisConstantine P. Cavafy

Question 10: The ascription of infallibility to the Imāms is encountered as early as the first half of the 8th century, second century of ________, and it was soon extended to the prophets.
Gregorian calendarTimeJulian calendarIslamic calendar


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