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Islamic philosophy: Quiz


Question 1: (For more discussion, refer to the History of Islamic Philosophy by ________.)
René GuénonSufi philosophyHenry CorbinSufi metaphysics

Question 2: Ibn Rushd or Ibn Roshd (Averroës), the contemporary of ________, closed the first great philosophical era of the Muslims.
SoulMaimonidesGiovanni Pico della MirandolaThomas Aquinas

Question 3: He was a world-renowned scholar of Islam and International Law from India, who was known for contributions to the research of the history of ________, translations of the Qur'an, the advancement of Islamic learning, and to the dissemination of Islamic teachings in the Western world.
HadithSunni IslamShariaIslamic schools and branches

Question 4: The opposite idea of "Existence precedes essence" was thus developed in the works of ________[12] and Mulla Sadra[14] as a reaction to this idea and is a key foundational concept of existentialism.
Relationship between religion and scienceImmanuel KantRené DescartesAverroes

Question 5: This new school was called ________ (from i'tazala, to separate oneself, to dissent).
Mu'taziliIslamic theologyIslamophobiaShia Islam

Question 6: The theories of Ibn Rushd do not differ fundamentally from those of Ibn Bajjah and Ibn Tufail, who only follow the teachings of Ibn Sina (Avicenna) and ________.
AvicennismEarly Islamic philosophyAl-FarabiIslamic philosophy

Question 7: History of Islamic philosophy by ________, part one
Henry CorbinSufi metaphysicsRené GuénonSufi philosophy

Question 8:
When was the Islamic philosophy?
February 1905
February 1998
February 1981
February 2010

Question 9: Ayatullah ________, founder of the Islamic Rebublic of Iran, was a famous teacher of the philosophical school of Hikmat-ul-Mutaliya.
Ronald ReaganIranian RevolutionRuhollah KhomeiniAnwar El Sadat

Question 10: the Iranian علامه طباطبائى or ________, the author of numerous works including the twenty seven-volume Quranic commentary al-Mizan (الميزان),
Muhammad Husayn TabatabaeiIslamic philosophyAliShia Islam


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