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Question 1: ________ (usury) was prohibited by the Qur'an, but this did not hamper the development of capital in any way.
Islamic bankingIslamic inheritance jurisprudenceIslamic economic jurisprudenceRiba

Question 2: [citation needed] Each time items passed through the cities along this extraordinary network, the city imposed a ________, resulting in high prices once reaching the final destination.
TaxTax havenExciseIncome tax

Question 3: The systems of ________ relied upon by merchants was very effective.
Delegation (law)ShariaContractDuress

Question 4: Strategies employed by the Karimis include the use of agents, the financing of projects as a method of acquiring capital, and a banking institution for ________ and deposits.
LoanCredit (finance)Bond (finance)Debt

Question 5: A ________ was established in the Islamic world on the basis of an economic system resembling merchant capitalism.
Anarchist economicsMixed economyMarket economySocial market economy

Question 6: Networks developed during this time enabled a world in which money could be promised by a bank in ________ and cashed in Spain, creating the cheque system of today.

Question 7: ________
Industrial Revolution
Islamic capitalism
David HumeDeismHumanismAge of Enlightenment

Question 8: ________
Chicago school
Classical economics
Keynesian economics
New Keynesian economics
Neoclassical economics
Supply-side economics
Institutional economics
New institutional economics
Austrian SchoolFriedrich von HayekLew RockwellLudwig von Mises

Question 9: ________
Objectivist movement
Social democracy
Classical liberalismIsaiah BerlinLiberalismSocialism

Question 10: [2] A vigorous monetary economy was created by Muslims on the basis of the expanding levels of circulation of a stable high-value ________ (the dinar) and the integration of monetary areas that were previously independent.
ISO 4217CoinCurrencyCyprus


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