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Question 1: Polychrome painted ________ allowed for experimentation in new styles of moulding and carving.

Question 2: Later it was taken by the ________ from the Chinese and transmitted to the Turkish peoples of Central Asia.
MonguorMongolsKalmyk peopleBorjigin

Question 3: Nevertheless a strong Persian influence remains, as Persian painters founded the Mughal art of the book under the reign of ________.
BaburHumayunHamida Banu BegumAkbar the Great

Question 4: There was, notably, a significant production of unglazed ceramics, witnessed by a famous small bowl preserved in the ________, whose inscription assures its attribution to the Islamic period.
Tuileries PalaceLouvre PalacePavillon de FloreLouvre

Question 5: A series of military victories by Christian monarchs had reduced Islamic Spain by the end of the 14th century to the city of ________, ruled by the Nasirid dynasty, who managed to maintain their hold until 1492.
GranadaBaza, GranadaBubiónIznalloz, Granada

Question 6: [16] The first industrial complex for glass and pottery production was built in ________, Syria, in the 8th century.
HimsDamascusDeir ez-ZorAr-Raqqah

Question 7: Great cities were built, such as Nishapur and ________, and the construction of the Great Mosque of Isfahan (which would continue, in fits and starts, over several centuries) was initiated.

Question 8: The utility of silk-ware in wall decor, entrance adornment, and room separation were not as important as their cash value along the "________."
Silk RoadHan DynastySino-Roman relationsTang Dynasty

Question 9: The North African and Spanish Islamic architecture, for example, has Roman-Byzantine elements, as seen in the ________ palace at Granada, or in the Great Mosque of Cordoba.
AlhambraCáceres, SpainSevilleÚbeda

Question 10: Islamic Hispano-Moresque ware was distinguished from the pottery of ________ by the Islamic character of its decoration; the term also includes wares produced by Christians.
ChristianityChristianity by countryEast–West SchismChristendom

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