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Question 1: The ________ Al Gami University consisted of a rectangular base with a large cylindrical tower architecturally unique in the Islamic world.
14th century11th century12th century13th century

Question 2: Instead, it follows traditional ________.
Chinese architectureIranian architectureRussian architectureOttoman architecture

Question 3: Furthermore, the Islamic Arabesque artist conveys a definite spirituality without the iconography of ________.
Christian artChristianityJesusTrinity

Question 4: Timurid architecture is the pinnacle of Islamic art in ________.
Middle EastSouth AsiaSiberiaCentral Asia

Question 5: When the Ottomans captured the city from the Byzantines, they converted the basilica to a mosque (now a museum) and incorporated ________ elements into their own work (e.g.
Byzantine EmpireByzantine architectureHagia SophiaConstantinople

Question 6: Yet to be built is Madinat al-Hareer in ________ which also has modern versions of Islamic architecture in its epically tall tower.
Saudi ArabiaQatarKuwaitUnited Arab Emirates

Question 7: Mamluk textiles and carpets were prized in ________.
International tradeGlobalizationInternational Monetary FundTrade bloc

Question 8: [7] The architecture of the Turkish Ottoman Empire forms a distinctive whole, especially the great mosques by and in the style of ________, like the mid-16th century Suleiman Mosque.
Ottoman architectureKoca Mi'mar Sinan AgaIstanbulSuleiman the Magnificent

Question 9: [15] One of the most notable hypostyle mosques is the ________ in Córdoba, Spain, as the building is supported by over 850 columns.
Umayyad MosqueIslamic architectureReconquistaGreat Mosque of Córdoba

Question 10: The Great Mosque of Samarra in ________, completed in 847 AD, combined the hypostyle architecture of rows of columns supporting a flat base above which a huge spiraling minaret was constructed.

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