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Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine: Quiz


Question 1: The Palestinian Islamic Jihad often attempts to carry out attacks against Israeli targets on the anniversary of his death, although the identity of the ________ was never determined.
Honor killingMass murderAssassinationInfanticide

Question 2: During the ________, beginning in September 2000, the PIJ committed many suicide bombing attacks against Israelis.
HamasIsraeli–Palestinian conflictGaza–Israel conflictSecond Intifada

Question 3: The Palestinian Islamic Jihad was created after many members of the Egyptian ________ found that the organization was becoming too moderate and did not commit enough effort to the Palestinian struggle.
IslamismHamasMuslim BrotherhoodIslamic terrorism

Question 4: Islamic Jihad is alleged to have used teens as ________.
TerrorismState-sponsored terrorismIslamic terrorismSuicide attack

Question 5: [1] The group has been designated as a terrorist group by the United States[2], the European Union[3], the United Kingdom[4], Japan[5], Canada[6], ________[7] and Israel.

Question 6: Their goal is the destruction of the state of ________ and its replacement with a Palestinian Islamic state.
IsraelUnited StatesGreeceArmenia

Question 7: The group operates primarily in the West Bank and ________, but has also carried out attacks in Jordan and Lebanon.
IsraelGaza StripPalestinian National AuthorityGaza–Israel conflict

Question 8: Its main strongholds in the West Bank are the cities of ________ and Jenin.
Dura, HebronBani Na'imHalhulHebron

Question 9: The group is currently based in the Syrian capital, ________, but there are also offices in Beirut, Tehran and Khartoum[13] Its financial backing is believed to come from Syria and Iran.

Question 10: His older brother claimed he was brainwashed to do it by an Islamic Jihad cleric and demanded the ________ investigate the incident and arrest those responsible for it.
2006 Israel–Gaza conflictIsrael's unilateral disengagement planPalestine Liberation OrganizationPalestinian National Authority


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