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Question 1: Maitatsine (since deceased) was from ________, and claimed to have had divine revelations superseding those of the Prophet Muhammad.

Question 2: ________, Yerwa (4,039,901)
Igbo peopleKanuriHausa peopleNigeria

Question 3: ________ brotherhoods, a form of religious order based on more personal or mystical relations to the supernatural, were widespread, especially in the major cities.
SufismDhikrMoinuddin ChishtiTariqah

Question 4: The vast majority of the Muslims in Nigeria follow Sunni Islam.However, there is a significant ________ minority, primarily in Sokoto State.
IslamophobiaShia IslamIslamic schools and branchesIslamic theology

Question 5: In the early 1800s, Islamic scholar ________ launched a jihad, the Fulani War, against the Hausa Kingdoms of Northern Nigeria.
Modibo AdamaEl Hadj Umar TallSokoto CaliphateUsman dan Fodio

Question 6: There the two predominant ones, Qadiriyah and ________, had separate mosques and, in a number of instances, a parochial school system receiving grants from the state.

Question 7: The Yorubas colloquially referred to ________ as "Esin-Mali", which means religion from Mali.
MosqueIslamIslamic schools and branchesMuslim history

Question 8: A fringe group, led by Mohammed Marwa Maitatsine, started in ________ in the late 1970s and operated throughout the 1980s.

Question 9: Over fifty percent of the population of Nigeria adheres to ________.
IslamMosqueIslamic schools and branchesMuslim history

Question 10: However, there is a significant ________ minority, primarily in Sokoto State (see Shia in Nigeria).
Islamic schools and branchesIslamic theologyShia IslamIslamophobia


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