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Question 1: The Sikh Empire was absorbed into the British Indian empire after the ________ of 1849.
Guru Gobind SinghFirst Anglo-Sikh WarSecond Anglo-Sikh WarSikhism

Question 2:
What is the population of Islam in India?
approx. 160,945,000

Question 3: In addition to the Ashraf/Ajlaf divide, there is also the Arzal caste among Muslims, who were regarded by anti-Caste activists like Babasaheb ________ as the equivalent of untouchables.
Swami VivekanandaB. R. AmbedkarRahul SankrityayanAnnie Besant

Question 4: Muslims sought conversion through ________ [36]
Islamic terrorismIslamJihadIslamism

Question 5: The current ________ has many Muslim players like Zaheer Khan, Irfan Pathan and Yusuf Pathan.
Australia national cricket teamSri Lanka national cricket teamIndia national cricket teamPakistan national cricket team

Question 6: As the Muslim power waned with the gradual demise of the ________, the Muslims of India faced a new challenge - that of protecting their culture and interests, yet interacting with the alien, technologically advantaged power.
Timurid dynastyMughal EmpirePala EmpireMongol Empire

Question 7: Thus in India there exists the unique situation where proponents of a secular law are deemed fascist while those who support the separate ________ law for Indian Muslims are considered secular.
ShariaFiqhIslamIslamic ethics

Question 8: As for Hinduism, the hierarchical principles of the Brahmanical social order have always been contested from within ________ society, suggesting that equality has been and continues to be both valued and practiced in Hinduism ."[96]
Hinduism in IndiaHinduVaishnavismRama

Question 9: ________
Indian Muslim nationalism
Muslim chronicles for Indian history
Jamaat-e-Islami Hind B.S.
HadithSunni IslamRashidunIslamic schools and branches

Question 10: ________ is a mystical dimension of Islam, often complimentary with the legalistic path of the sharia.
DhikrMoinuddin ChishtiTariqahSufism

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