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Islam and democracy: Quiz


Question 1: Some Iranians, including ________, categorize the Islamic republic of Iran as a kind of religious democracy.
Green MovementMehdi KarroubiMir-Hossein MousaviMohammad Khatami

Question 2: As of 2009, U.S.-based organization ________ considers Indonesia and Mali as the only Muslim-majority countries that are fully-fledged free electoral democracies.
RussiaCold WarFreedom HouseCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 3: [20][31][32][33][34] The most notable of those who have accepted the theory of Islamic Democracy is probably Iran's Leader, Ayatollah ________, who mentions Islamic Democracy as "Mardomsalarie Dini" in his speeches.
Mahmoud AhmadinejadMir-Hossein MousaviAli KhameneiRuhollah Khomeini

Question 4: Al-Farabi argued that the ideal state was the city-state of ________ when it was governed by Muhammad as its head of state, as he was in direct communion with God whose law was revealed to him.

Question 5: [27] A consequence of the lack of taxation that Whitaker talks of in such rentier economies is an inactive ________.
LawCivil societyBureaucracyExecutive (government)

Question 6: [17] Al-Farabi departed from the ________ view in that he regarded the ideal state to be ruled by the prophet-imam, instead of the philosopher king envisaged by Plato.

Question 7: However, even if humans are not law-makers strictly speaking, they must still implement divine law by following a procedure of mutual consultation (________).
IslamShuraIslamismMuslim history

Question 8: The early Islamic philosopher, ________ (c.

Question 9:
Critics also argue that Islam and secularism are opposite forces, that theocracy is incompatible with democracy, and that ________ lacks the liberal social attitudes of democratic societies.
Arabic literatureIslamic cultureEid ul-FitrHijab

Question 10: A democratic state which endeavours to institute ________.
Islamic ethicsFiqhIslamSharia


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