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Isetta: Quiz


Question 1: The Isetta caused a sensation when it was introduced to the motoring press in ________ in November 1953, it was unlike anything seen before.

Question 2:

Question 3:
What class does Isetta belong to?

Question 4: ________ began talking with Rivolta in mid-1954 and bought not just a licence but the complete Isetta body tooling as well.
BMWArmstrong SiddeleyVolkswagen GroupRolls-Royce Limited

Question 5: Isetta featured in ________ music video for the song "Never Let Me Down Again".
Depeche ModeVince ClarkeMartin GoreEnjoy the Silence

Question 6: This was mainly due to renewed competition from ________ with its 500C model.
FiatZastavaSTMicroelectronicsFiat Automobiles

Question 7: In 1957, Isetta of Great Britain began producing Isetta 300 models at their factory in the former ________ under licence from BMW.
LB&SCR K classBrighton railway worksLB&SCR A1 classLondon, Brighton and South Coast Railway

Question 8: Plants in Spain and ________ were already assembling Isettas and Autocarros using Italian made Iso components.
United KingdomDenmarkBelgiumLuxembourg

Question 9: Due to competition from the ________ Dauphine, production ceased in 1958.
RenaultRenault MéganeDacia LoganRenault Clio

Question 10: The power train from the four-speed gearbox to the two rear wheels was also unusual: fixed to the gearbox output drive was something called a Hardy disc, which was a ________ made of rubber.
Constant-velocity jointGimbalUniversal jointEuler angles


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